2017 Land Pride FM2172

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Land Pride Flail Mowers are the perfect choice for schools and other recreational areas when people may be present. The duck footed blade on the 21 Series gives a nice even cut and tapered ends on the rear roller prevent gouging during tight turns. With the FM21 Series rotor working in the opposite direction of travel, the cut grass is brought up and over the rotor. Most clippings are laid down prior to the mower passing it by, which means foreign objects also have a tendency to stay inside the mower and are less likely to be discharged. The FM21 Series offers a two position hitch for offsetting the mower, enabling closer cutting along buildings, fences or roadsides.

  • 60" & 72" Cutting widths: Good cutting widths for applications in this HP range.
  • 25-55 HP gearbox rating: Fits a large array of consumer, municipality, and landscape of tractors.
  • 3-Point hitch offsets mower to the right: FM2160 Offsets mower 1/2" or 6 1/2"; FM2172 offsets mower 6 1/2" or 17 1/2": The two position hitch mounting allows the mower to be offset to the right for a closer cut alongside buildings, fences, and roadsides.
  • One year gearbox warranty: The gearbox is designed tough to withstand the rigors of flail mowing.
  • 3/4" – 4" Cutting height: Variable cutting heights for many uses.
  • 1" Cutting capacity: Can cut small saplings.
  • Duckfoot style knives: Heavy enough to cut 1" material.
  • 5" Rotor diameter: Large rotor diameter protects against obstructions.
  • Reverse rotor rotation: Brings the cut material up and over which allows it to be dispersed more evenly.
  • High knife tip speed: Knife tip speed of 7,385 fpm provides for a clean cut.
  • Cat. 4 driveline with over-running clutch in gearbox: Upon disengaging the PTO, the over-running clutch allows the driveline to quit
  • 3 - “B” Section belts: “B” Section belts fit snug in the sheaves, and the multiple belts ensure positive transfer of power.
  • Baffles on the top inside of the deck: Keeps the cut material from clumping together, ensuring an even distribution of clippings.
  • Height adjusting roller: Rear height adjusting roller with greaseable bearings and tapered ends to prevent gouging during turns.
  • Standard scrapers on rear height adjusting roller: Keeps the roller clean for consistent cutting height
  • Adjustable rear panel: Adjusts to allow strong discharge of material and aids in cleaning underside of deck.
  • Cutting Width: 72 in.
  • Overall Width: 80 in.
  • Height: 37 in.
  • Depth: 30 1/4 in.
  • Weight: 772 lbs.
  • Cutting Capacity: 1 in.
  • Cutting Height: 3/4 in. - 4 in.
  • Deck Material Thickness: 11 gauge
  • Knives: Duckfoot type
  • Rotor Shaft Speed: 2,025 RPM
  • Rotor Diameter: 5 in.
  • Rotor Rotation: Reverse
  • Knife Tip Speed: 7,385 fpm
  • Number of Knives: 36
  • Hitch Type: Category I
  • Offset Hitch: 2-Position Bolt on style; Offsets mower 6 1/2 in. or 17 1/2 in. to the right
  • PTO Speed: 540 RPM
  • Driveline: Cat 4
  • Belt Type: (3) - "B" Section belts
  • Gearbox Type: 540 RPM with internal over-running Clutch
  • Gearbox Rating: 55 HP
  • Gearbox Lubrication: SAE EP 90W
  • Gearbox Oil Capacity: 2 pints
  • Rear Roller Diameter: 5 1/2 in.



Working Width
72 in.
80 in.
772 lb.

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