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The 24-foot STH2024 Spike Tooth Harrow cuts through clods, manure and grasses easily to help break material into finer pieces so that it can be spread evenly across the ground. It does an excellent job of smoothing garden plots, fields, arenas, and landscaping areas. Used properly, it loosens crusted soil, aerates legume crops such as alfalfa, and uncovers overwintering insects. The harrow can be used to spread manure, grass clippings, leaf litter, previous crop stubble and gravel on driveways; and can help incorporate fertilizers, herbicides, granular products, and broadcast seed into the soil. It also helps to remove gopher mounds, ant hills, ridges left by tillage implements, sticks, and small limbs from grassy areas. The teeth can be set at two angle – 40 degrees off vertical for the best flow-through of residue and 22 degrees off vertical for aggressive "fluffing" of the soil.

  • Chain suspension: Permits harrow to follow the terrain for even tooth penetration.
  • Heavy constructed tooth bars: Designed to handled the job.
  • 2 Tooth angles (40° & 22° off vertical): The least aggressive tooth angle (40°) gives the best flow-through of residue. The most aggressive tooth angle (22°) is for fluffing-up the ground such as an arena.
  • 10 Teeth on the ground every foot: Provides maximum conditioning of the soil, breaking and spreading of manure and residue, and for even leveling and firming of the soil.
  • Diamond shaped teeth: Helps to break-up material into finer pieces for a more even spreading of material across the ground. Great for seed bed preparation, preparing arena floors, and breaking up clumps of manure blocking unlight and spreading it over the ground to act as a fertilizer.
  • Narrow tooth point: Cuts through grasses instead of pulling out desirable grasses and plants.
  • Forged hardened tooth tips: Forged hardened tooth tips extends the life of the teeth.
  • Softer metal at threaded end of teeth: Helps resist breakage when striking rocks or other obstacles. Threaded end allows the tooth to be removed for repair or replacement.
  • Recommended Tractor HP: Minimum 45 hp
  • Machine Weight: 2,100 lb.
  • Tongue Weight Folded for Transport: 432 lb.
  • Hitch: Pull type with clevis
  • Working Width: 23 ft. - 7 in.
  • Overall Working Width: 23 ft. - 9 in.
  • Overall Working Length: 23 ft. - 0 in.
  • Overall Transport Width: 8 ft. - 6 in.
  • Overall Transport Height: 8 ft. - 8 in.
  • Overall Transport Length: 15 ft. - 0 in.
  • Rear Frame Suspension: Chain suspension
  • Size of Bars Center Section: 1 11/16 in. OD x 84 in. long
  • Size of Bars Wing Sections: 1 11/16 in. OD x 93 in. long
  • Number of Bars: 8
  • Number of Teeth: 244
  • Construction of Spike Teeth: Diamond shaped tooth x 8 1/2 in. long. Tip is forge hardened
  • Number of Teeth on the Ground per ft.: 10.3
  • Tires: 4 Ea., 205R15
  • Wheel Hub: 4-bolt
  • Wheel Spindles: Replaceable
  • Lift Cylinder: 3 1/2 in. x 8 in.
  • Wing Cylinders: 2 in. x 14 in.



Pull type with clevis
Cutting Width
23 ft. 7 in.
8 ft. 8 in.
23 ft. 9 in.
23 ft. 0 in.
2,100 lb.

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